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Hello! I'm Chris...

...and I'm running to represent Mount Vernon Triangle on the Advisory Neighborhood Commission.

Why am I running?

I believe that change starts at the local level. Local governments have the power to drive positive change in citizens' lives by implementing policies that improve quality of life. I have dedicated my career to public service in both the local and federal governments, working on issues ranging from affordable housing to public health. Now, I want to bring that experience to the ANC, to work on behalf of the Mount Vernon Triangle community. I want our diverse, exciting, and vibrant neighborhood to serve as a shining example of an equitable and inclusive urban community.


About Me

I grew up in Western Massachusetts, but have called the District home since starting my undergraduate degree at George Washington University in 2011. Since then, I have lived in and around Mount Vernon Triangle for 5 years, and have also lived in Wards 2 and 3. I have worked for both the DC and federal governments and also returned to GW to complete a Master's degree in Geography, with a specific focus on urban geography and affordable housing policy. In addition, I have volunteered for many years at a local nonprofit that offers affordable English classes and career development services to immigrants in the DC area, and I have participated in numerous advocacy efforts related to affordable housing and safe streets.

I love living in the heart of DC in Mount Vernon Triangle. You can frequently find me eating at one of our many excellent neighborhood restaurants or taking advantage of our Saturday morning farmers' market. When I'm not in the neighborhood, I enjoy exploring the DMV's growing network of bike lanes and bike trails.

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