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My Priorities

Safe Streets

Lack of traffic safety has reached crisis levels in the District. In 2022, 21 people have lost their lives in traffic incidents, and 40 were killed in 2021, the highest number since 2006. Every user of the District's streets - whether they are walking, rolling, cycling, or driving - should be able to do so without risking their life. We must work harder and faster to build safe infrastructure that protects all users and makes the Vision Zero goal of ending traffic deaths a reality. 

Safe infrastructure is also sustainable infrastructure. We need to implement solutions Districtwide that incentivize people to use transit, walk, or bike rather than driving a personal car. 

I will push DDOT to improve road safety on the major corridors that border Mount Vernon Triangle: New York Avenue, Massachusetts Avenue and I-395. 

I will also push DDOT and DPW to improve design and enforcement of the K Street protected bike lane, and to connect the existing protected bike lane to the New York Avenue bike lanes on the west side of Mount Vernon Square, giving our neighborhood safer and easier access to downtown.

Affordable Housing

The District continues to suffer from an affordable housing crisis that disproportionately harms low-income and renter households. In 2021, 43% of renter households were cost burdened, which rose to 65% when only considering extremely low-income households. At the same time, the median home sale price has risen to over $700,000, pricing out many would-be homebuyers.

Decent housing is a human right and I support a two-pronged strategy to reduce housing cost burdens: increasing housing supply by relaxing exclusionary zoning laws and building more dedicated affordable housing for the lowest-income households.


I will support new housing proposed in our neighborhood and push developers to include the maximum number of dedicated affordable units in any new housing development. I believe diversity creates strength in communities and we must ensure that residents are not priced out of their homes.


I will also support programs that provide permanent housing to people experiencing homelessness, as housing is critical for providing the stability needed to improve quality of life.

Public Safety

I support a community-focused public safety strategy that addresses the root causes of crime. I will work collaboratively with the Office of Neighborhood Safety and Engagement, the Metropolitan Police Department, and community stakeholders to address crime in our neighborhood.

Government Accountability

Good government responds to the needs of constituents in a timely and equitable manner. I will hold DC agencies accountable and work on constituents' behalf to ensure they are accessing the government services they need.

I am particularly concerned by the lack of action to address shortcomings at the Office of Unified Communications, which oversees 911 and 311 services. I will advocate for action to be taken to ensure these critical services are responsive to District residents and visitors.



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